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CFISD Athletic Participation Process

Athletic participation in CFISD requires an annual submission of a physical and athletic participation forms.

  • A new physical form must be turned in prior to each calendar school year using only CFISD provided forms.
  • All required participation forms (physical and online forms) must be submitted before a student participates in any try-out, practice, athletic class, open gym, open weight room, athletic competition or travels with a CFISD athletic team for any purpose.

This process is an online two step process, just follow the steps below:

1. Step ONE: Pre-Participation - Physical Examination Forms

  • The student is required to use the CFISD Pre-Participation -Physical Examination Form; NO OTHER Physical Examination Form can be accepted per the University Interscholastic League.
  • The Medical History form is filled out by the parent and taken with the student when getting a physical.
  • Please refer to the information listed on the physical form regarding who qualifies to administer and sign the physical.
  • Follow the link below for the CFISD Pre-Participation -Physical Examination Forms

2. Step TWO: Athletic Participation Forms

  • All Athletic Participation Forms must be submitted annually online, this includes:
  1. Medical History Form
  2. Acknowledgement of Rules
  3. UIL Steroid Forms
  4. Concussion Acknowledgement
  5. Sportsmanship Standards Form
  6. Cardiac Awareness Form
  • Follow the link below and the instructions on the CFISD Online Participation Form page:

Online Participation Forms

2017-18 Participation Forms Packet ~ [Español]

[Download CFISD Athletic Participation Process] ~ [Español]