The Manny Spirit Award


The Manny Zaragoza Spirit Award is named after Manny Zaragoza a long time Baseball team manager, dedicated fan of all Falcon sports teams and a loyal JVHS student. Manny’s enthusasim and pride in all things JVHS was always on display. Manny was the recepient of the first award in 2011. The award is voted on by the coaching staff and awarded to the student athletes who embodies the Falcon spirit. Playing for the love of the game and being true to their school.

Since 2011 A Manny Award has been presented to one Female and Male athlete.

Manny Award Winners

2017- Mai Daigle
2017- Andrew Rash


2016 – Lacie Aden
2016 – Cesar Garza

2015 – Lindsey Stonegraber
2015 – Nick Wuthrich


2014 – Alyssa Culpepper
2014 – Cameron Gaiennie


2013 – Brandon Koncaba
2013 – Kaila Overton